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2020 Contract (Due Dec 1)

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Candidate Get to Know You for State ED (Due Dec 1)

Local Director Get to Know You for State ED (Due Dec 1)

Candidates and Directors: Please check this page at least once per week to stay on top of news and updates.


Competition Week Information: NEW Information coming soon

​Competition Groups (determined at Workshop)
Candidate Schedule (discusses at Workshop)
Competition Wardrobe Requirements

State Candidate Paperwork:  

if you have not signed these COVID forms your candidacy is not official.  
COVID Amendment form    Form    Upload HERE
Contract Release form        Form    Upload HERE


Due April 2 by 11:59 p.m.
Wardrobe Form                                                  
Candidate/Parent Information     

Program Book Bio Form
Production Form 1 - Talent Music Request 

Photo Form 1 - Official Headshot - for website and judges

Photo Form 2 - Photography Agreement        

Production Form 2 - Music Submission   

Production Form 3 - Detailed Talent Music Information     

Production Form 4 - Musician/Engineer/Prod Permission Release      

Production Form 5 - Talent Prop Guideline                                     

Production Form 6 - Talent Introduction.   


April 24 - 25 Miss Tennessee Workshop                                                        


1. Judges Paperwork (Digital) Deadline 

One PDF copy of Resume and Social Impact Statement
Candidates will be notified by May 25 if your digital copy does not meet the rules/requirements
Social Impact Statement  - Upload link

2.  Paperwork and 5x7 Headshot Photo (Hard Copy) Deadline - this is for the Judges Books


Miss - Resume, Social Impact Statement - 10 physical copies of each
Headshot - 5x7 - 10 physical color copies

3.  Contract - bring to Spring Seminar (you have already submitted digitally but print and bring a physical copy)


CONTRACT - 1 physical copy  

4.  Miss Tennessee Job Description - bring 2 hard copies to Workshop
FULL JOB DESCRIPTION - 2 signed  copies to bring to Spring Seminar


5. $250 State Fundraiser Fee should be completed. Click HERE for your CMN balance which will be added to your current balance on Spotfund (click HERE to see Tennessee Candidate's Spotfund Summary)

May 15:

ALL AD Pages and money due. If not submitted using the google document and paid for by this date they DO NOT GO IN THE PROGRAM and candidate receives NO PERCENTAGE BACK.

The Following Will Be Updated Later

Showcasing the Miss Tennessee Organization Project - Team Initiation

Showcasing the Miss Tennessee Organization Project - Summary Submission

Social Media Release Upload

The Following Will Be Updated Later

Supplemental Fact Sheet 


Social Impact Initiative Essay 

Headshot - Please submit if you have it already. 

Ad Page Submissions

Talent Selection

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