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Digital Local Competition


This is the final opportunity for Miss and Teen Candidates to advance to the Miss Tennessee and Miss Tennessee's Outstanding Teen Competition and will take place via Zoom on March 19, 2022. This is an official alternative to the local competition process, created and approved by the Miss America Organization. A limited number of Miss and Teen titles will be awarded through this process. Digital Competition winners do not receive a local scholarship but will be eligible for all State Competition awards.


You must meet the same age, residency, and conduct requirements as a local candidate. More information on eligibility can be found HERE.



Registration is open now. The required $35 registration fee, competition videos, and paperwork must be paid/uploaded through the application by midnight on March 16, 2022.


Time Commitment

Much of the competition is accomplished through your completion of the digital application, with the videos and paperwork you submit being forwarded to the judges. Selected semi-finalists will move forward to a 10 minute judge’s interview which will take place live on zoom in the afternoon of March 19, 2022.


Financial Commitments

You must pay or have already paid the $35 once-per-year MAO registration fee. If you have not already paid the fee this season you can do so HERE.



Instructions and forms required for all submissions can be found in the application below. Digital candidates must submit:

  • The candidate resume and social impact statement. 

  • A link to a video of your talent. This video cannot include any sort of introduction and is limited to 90 seconds.

  • A link to the introductory video. This video is limited to 30 seconds. The only thing which MUST be included in your video is your first and last name.

  • A signed Statewide Digital Competition Acknowledgement.

The Competition

As is the case with a traditional local competition, candidate paperwork and performances are scored on a standard 1-10 scale. Your Resume, Social Impact Statement, Intro Video, and Talent Video will be sent to our panel of judges. After an initial judging process, selected semi-finalists will move forward to a 10 minute judge’s interview which will take place live on zoom in the afternoon of March 19, 2022. From there the new titleholders will be selected.



If you win a digital competition title, you will be expected to abide by all the same rules and commitments as local titleholders. The commitments for your year are listed below, with items unique to digital candidates noted. Digital Titleholders are legitimate titleholders, who earned their titles in an approved Miss America Local-level competition and will be treated as any other state candidate for the entirety of their year of service.


Unique Commitments

Digital Competition Titleholders will be assigned to one of our “Digital Candidate Liaisons.” This is a mentor who serves as your local director and will help you with your submissions for the state competition and ad sales and fundraising. You are responsible for purchasing your sash and crown, but your liaison can assist you in fundraising or finding sponsors for this if needed. The cost of sash and crown is approximately $225. In considering this cost, remember that you do not pay a fee to participate in the digital competition beyond the $35 fee everyone pays to participate in MAO this year, nor do you incur the costs of travel, wardrobe, and lodging which you would normally incur to attend and participate in a local preliminary competition. 


Time Commitments

Digital Miss Candidates’ year of service will begin the day they win the Digital Competition. Candidates are required to attend the Miss Tennessee and Miss Tennessee Outstanding Teen Workshop April 30 - May 1 (Miss) or April 30 (Teen). Miss Tennessee and Miss Tennessee's Outstanding Teen will take place June 19 - June 25 at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in Memphis. Candidates are required to attend the competition.

Financial Commitments

In addition to the sash and crown, you are responsible for your own transportation and housing at our host hotel for the Miss Tennessee Workshop. Digital Miss candidates are responsible for the $325 entry fee for the State Competition through the Miss America website just like every other Local Candidate. This can be paid or fundraised for, at the candidate's discretion. Candidates are responsible for their own travel and wardrobe expenses for the State Competition. Candidates are encouraged to participate in all fundraiser and ad sales events along with traditionally crowned local titleholders.

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