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Miss Heartland 2021 Laura-Valentine Lock

Meet Laura-Valentine...

Title: Miss Heartland

Social Impact: Adoption and Foster Care

Talent: Vocal-TBD

Age: 24

Hometown: Nashville, TN

College: Belmont University, double major in Communications & Sport Administration 

Once an orphan herself, Laura-Valentine has dedicated her life to helping those who are in the adoption process and those who are in the foster care system. At 16, she walked away from a promising singing career to begin Laura-Valentine Ministries (the fundraising arm of Feng LiLi Foundation) to provide financial assistance to families in the adoption process. She has personally raised funds for 35 abandoned children to be placed in loving homes. Over the years, she has expanded her scope to include the foster care system and RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). She believes and is firmly committed that it is her unique purpose and responsibility to help all abandoned children find their forever home.


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