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Miss Mid-West Tennessee 2021 Grace Coleman

Meet Grace...

Social Impact Initiative: Shine Your Light: Promoting Theater and the Arts

Talent: Vocal Performance of "The Impossible Dream"

Age: 23

Hometown: Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of North Alabama with a Bachelor's of the Arts in Literature with a minor in Psychology

  • Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and the Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society

  • Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for English

  • Recipient of the Miss America Scholarship Award

  • Passionate about the study of Psychology and improving mental health and relationships

Grace is honored to be participating in the Miss America Organization. Through it, she has had numerous opportunities to serve and grow as a person. She is excited to share her platform of Shine Your Light: Promoting Theater and the Arts. Whether music, singing, theater, or ballet, the arts have always been a powerful force for growth and compassion in Grace's life. She has worked with many community theaters that have brought teachers and volunteers from across the area to share their talents and bring a Broadway experience to children and adults who may never have had one. She believes everyone can benefit from engagement with the arts. The arts bring us into touch with our humanity and bring us together. Art knows no national boundaries.  Art is the language of the soul. As an individual, family, or community, humanity is more beautiful, true, and good when we go past the superficial and hear each other's hearts. Everyone deserves to have such an opportunity. Through her platform, she is promoting local efforts to bring people into contact with the arts. She is so excited to continue her journey to Miss Tennessee.


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