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Testimonial: Lily Steed, Miss Middle Tennessee 2020

“Living on an 8th generation USDA certified swine production farm, you could say that my passion for agriculture is ‘running through my blood’ as they say...The Miss America organization has provided me the opportunity to reach out to a community that wouldn't listen to me before. The titles I've held through Miss Tennessee have essentially given me a key to doors I've been knocking on for years. I've been able to network with many of our state's agricultural representatives, talk with our state's farmers to see what they're struggling with and how we can advocate for help.

I’ve been asked to come into the classrooms of the already busy teachers to share why agriculture is important to me and explain why agriculture should be an important subject in all circles of study. With the platform of the Miss Tennessee and Miss America Organizations, I have been able to further my reach on social media using my title to focus on agricultural misconceptions brought to you by false perceptions spread on other various media outlets. They have equipped me to

‘fight fire with fire’ when it comes to agriculture, especially agricultural misconceptions.”

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