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Gain experience through interviews, public speaking, talent, fitness, promoting your community service initiative, social media promotion, and compete for the title of Miss Tennessee or Miss Tennessee's Teen!  

Are you the next titleholder? Would you like some more information before you register? Then fill out this form so we can get to know you better! (This form does not register you to compete.)



The first step to becoming Miss Tennessee or Miss Tennessee's Teen is to enter and win a local competition. Local competitions are held throughout the state. Once you win a local title, you qualify to advance to the Miss Tennessee Competition held each year in June. 


Registering to enter is a TWO STEP process. You will first register to become a member of the Miss America Organization for this year. You will then register for each individual local in which you choose to compete.

1) First, register with the Miss America Organization here. Everyone must choose option 1 and pay $39.99. After you have completed that once this competition season, if you would like to compete in a second, third, fourth, etc. preliminary competition, select Option 2 to simply register for the local:   

2) When you register, email the State Executive Director, Colene Trent, to let her know you have registered. She will provide you with a password that you will enter at the following link in order to access all of the paperwork and information you will need to compete at the local competition. Her email address is Teen Director Tracy Gallant can be reached at

During local competitions, you will compete in five phases of competition. 

Scoring for the Phases of Competition for Miss and Teen Candidates:

  • Private Interview with Panel of Judges (30%)

  • Talent (90 seconds) (20%)

  • On-Stage Conversation (10%)

  • Evening Wear (20%)

  • Fitness (20%)

Good luck in chasing your dream to earn scholarships and become Miss Tennessee or Miss Tennessee's Teen! 


Eligibility to Compete:

To become a participant for the next Competition Cycle (starting May 2024) you must meet all criteria as shown below:

  • For Miss Tennessee  – The eligible age range for any Miss Delegate applicant for the pageant cycle ending with the 2026 National competition of Miss America division is 18-27 years old at the state Competiton.  

  • For Miss Tennessee's Teen –The eligible age range for any Teen Delegate for the pageant cycle ending with the 2026 national Teen competition is 14-17 years old.  A Teen delegate must be 14 years old by the state competition, and no older than 17 years old at state competition 

  • Be a United States citizen

  • Be a female

  • Meet residency requirements for competing in your city or state


  • Must fulfill ONE of the following:

    • Must reside in the state of competition

    • Be enrolled in and physically attending classes on a full-time basis at an accredited college or university;

    • Or be employed on a full-time basis in the state in which she intends to compete.


  • Must be a citizen of the United States of America

Additional Miss and Teen Program Requirements

  • Candidates must meet all additional requirements pursuant to the Miss America State and Local Application & Agreement

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