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Young girls from all three regions of our great state are invited to star in a fun-filled week at the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Competition and the Miss Tennessee Outstanding Teen Competition June 25 - July 1, 2023. For all the details on how to participate, rules, wardrobe, and schedule click the Rules, Wardrobe, Schedule link above.

1) Apply HERE anytime before April 28, 2023.

2) Pay HERE anytime before April 28, 2023.

3) Submit photo to


The Miss Tennessee competition will take place June 25 - July 1 at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in Memphis, Tennessee. 


Princesses will be mentored by a candidate who is vying for the title of Miss Tennessee. These events will be incredible opportunities for princesses to accompany the candidates onstage, perform an energetic dance routine each night of the competitions, and learn poise, grace, and confidence. The princess program creates deep friendships and wonderful memories and is truly an unforgettable experience!


Contact for more information!

All photos by Rob Metzger.

Learn the Dance

2022 Ad Sales Winners

Dallas Cox, Gatlinburg.jpg
Katie Lee Bateman, Jackson.jpeg

Photogenic Winner

Dallas Cox

Stars for Scholars Ad Sales Winners

Katie Bateman, Eden Atwood, and Erby Anne Murphy

Eden Atwood, Memphis sm.PNG
Erby Anne Murphy, Chester County BBQ Festival.jpg

2022 People's Choice Winners

Rosalba Dumont-Carrion, Milan Crown and Scepter.jpeg
Tanley Beth Moore, Forest Festival.jpg

People's Choice Winners

Rosalba Dumont-Carrion, Tanley Beth Moore, and Eden Atwood

Eden Atwood, Memphis sm.PNG
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