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Miss Tennessee official rings and jewelry

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For Ordering and Pricing Contact

Custom Jewelers in Milan TN at 731-686-0101

or Contact on Facebook 

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Miss Tennessee Ring

Available Options:


Dark Blue 

Red, White, and Blue

Miss Tennessee's Outstanding Teen Ring

Available Option:


TriStar Princess Ring

Light purple, $99.99
Light Purple Crown Pendant  $9.99
Light Purple Pin  $9.99

Additional accessory options

Sterling silver chain for pendant
16” - $24.99
18”- $29.99

Sterling Silver bracelet
7”- $24.99



All rings are Sterling Silver with 17 synthetic stones.
All rings are 100% guaranteed with downsizing free and one size up free. Each additional size up is $20. This is a promotional advertisement of our sponsor Custom Jewelers. 

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