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Miss Chester County BBQ Festival 2021 Adrienne Lamb

Meet Adrienne...

Title: Miss Chester County BBQ Festival

Social Impact Statement: Ending the Stigma

Talent: Hula Hoop Dance

Age: 25 years old

Hometown: Dallas, TX to Memphis, TN

Growing up, I learned early on how mental illness stigma works as I witnessed how my own family struggled to talk openly about a family member with developing signs of mental illness. After coming to Memphis for college, I saw how afraid my peers were to reach out for help, and how often they turned to harmful or insufficient coping mechanisms to try to deal with their problems on their own. I drove one of my friends to the ER at 2AM for their third bout of alcohol poisoning that semester. I called emergency services after a different friend asked me to hide their pocket knife so they wouldn't be tempted to use it. I graduated from Rhodes College in 2017 with a BA in Psychology and the intention to eventually practice counseling psychology. Right now though, my mission is to combat the stigma people with mental illness face in all facets of life, and to break down the barriers to receiving treatment, to gainful employment, to being open about their struggles without shame or fear.

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Miss Chester County BBQ Festival 2020

Headshot by Ty Randall Photography


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