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Miss Greater Gibson County 2021 Abbie Bayless

Meet Abbie...

Title: Miss Greater Gibson County

Social Impact Initiative: Stand Together: Advocates for Victims of Sexual Assault

Talent: Vocal- TBD

Age: 20

Hometown: Henderson, TN

Union University

Abbie is a junior at Union University pursuing a business degree with a minor in political science and communications, and because of The Miss America Organization, she will be able to pursue and complete her undergraduate with little to no financial burden. At Union University, Abbie is an active member of the Upsilon chapter of Chi Omega and Second Act Theatre Company. Upon graduation, Abbie plans to attend Belmont College of Law with the intent of pursuing a career in Entertainment Law.

As a victim of sexual assault, Abbie is incredibly passionate to promote her social impact initiative, Stand Together: Advocates for Victims of Sexual Assault. Her goal is to educate others, advocate for victims, and prevent sexual assault from being common place in our society. As Miss Tennessee, Abbie will use appropriate tools to teach younger generations that preventing sexual assault begins with the principle of respect for others.

Abbie would like to encourage you to join the movement and end sexual violence while providing tools and resources for survivors everywhere. These resources can be found directly at or @standtogetheradvocates on Instagram and Twitter!

In June of 2019, Abbie was blessed to compete for the coveted title of Miss Tennessee for the first time and was the recipient of the night 3 preliminary talent award, overall talent winner, People’s Choice Award, and third runner-up.

“Welcome to a little glimpse of my journey to the crown! I am so thankful and blessed to represent Gibson County and West Tennessee as I work towards representing the entire state as Miss Tennessee 2021! I would love to attend any and all events to educate, advocate, and spread the message of my social impact initiative and the Miss America Organization with as many people as possible!”

Instagram/Twitter: @Abbiebayless, @MissGreaterGibsonCounty2020

Facebook: Abbie Bayless, Miss Greater Gibson County 2020


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