Miss Historic Jonesborough 2020 Anna Konstantopoulos

Meet Anna...

Miss Historic Jonesborough

Anna Konstantopoulos

Social Impact Initiative: Unseen but Believed: Raising Awareness for Invisible Illnesses

Talent: Classical Piano

Age: 20

Hometown: Johnson City, Tennessee

University: Milligan University

Anna Konstantopoulos is a junior honors student at Milligan University majoring in Biblical and Theological Studies with a 4.0 gpa. After graduation, she will be pursuing a master’s degree and PhD in Biblical Studies to fulfill her dream of becoming a college professor in Theology. Her education has always been one of the most important and enjoyable parts of her life, and she looks forward to sharing her passion with her future students! Aside from academics, Anna is also an accomplished classical pianist, drummer, vocalist, artist, ballet dancer, soccer player, and is studying Spanish in her free time. She values being a well-rounded woman and is excited to bring that to the Miss Tennessee competition this year.

Anna’s social impact is Unseen but Believed: Raising Awareness for Invisible Illnesses. She chose to advocate for awareness of invisible illnesses because during the past five years, she has suffered from several invisible illnesses. It took an extended length of time for Anna to be diagnosed because invisible illnesses (such as arthritis, lupus, etc.) can’t be seen, so people with these illnesses often are not believed by medical personnel since they don’t “look sick.” But since her diagnosis, Anna has been able to manage her illnesses, live an active and healthy lifestyle, enroll in college full time, work, serve in her community, pursue her love of piano and the arts, and serve the Miss America Organization. She is now able to do all this because of various treatments she received (a heart procedure, 27 iron infusions, one year of antibiotics), which could only happen when her illnesses were finally diagnosed. To raise awareness and help others who suffer from other invisible illnesses, Anna started Unseen but Believed, promoting awareness through her website and raising money to help those affected by these illnesses. Anna is excited to use what she’s experienced to help others through the Miss America Organization!

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